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Evan – 9 Months | Houston Texas Family Photographer

The last time I traveled to Indiana was June 2012 to welcome the newest member of our family. My sister gave birth to her second child, a son named Evan, and he was beautiful – dark hair, chubby cheeks – a real butterball of a baby. I was able to photograph him within his first week of life, capturing that sweet newborn essence we long to hold onto. His smell was amazing and his hair soft as down. I could have snuggled with him for hours.

Fast forward nine months. While the newborn details we “ooohhh’d” and “awww’d” over are barely traceable (tear), he has grown into such a precious little guy with a deep-throated laugh and a smile that would charm the stars.




A Heart Felt Gift | Houston Texas Photographer

As a baby shower gift, we received a beautiful hand-felted hat from local fiber artist Barbara Kile. After our son made his arrival, we were so busy and just plain tired, we simply forgot to photograph him with her artistic creation — we were bummed at the missed opportunity.

A few months ago, I received an email from Barbara asking if she could make him a new hat? With the thought of redemption, I eagerly replied “Absolutely”! We received the hat a few weeks later and it was just adorable — the colors were bright and fun while the shape reminded me of Peter Pan. Perfect for a little boy as imaginative and adventurous as our own! We can’t thank you enough for the delightful, one-of-a-kind hat, Barbara.

You can check out more of Barbara Kile’s whimiscal creations here.

Matthew – 14 Days New | Houston Texas Newborn Photographer

I had the perfect little client to start the new year with! I was a little nervous approaching this shoot as I wasn’t able to photograph him until he was two weeks old. Typically by then, babies don’t like to be posed and they rarely sleep because they want to observe everything that’s going on. While the latter rang true, he was so calm throughout – a genuine dreamboat baby.

Matthew’s big sister was so sweet, and while I’m told there’s a little bit of jealousy, you would have never guessed it to be true with the pure love she exhibited for her baby brother – so many kisses were planted upon his precious chubby cheeks! Seriously, by the end of the shoot, we were overcome by cuteness!

Elliott’s Visit with Nonnie | Houston Texas Family Photographer

Two weeks ago my mother flew in to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with us. It had been four months since we’d seen her and so much had changed with Elliott: he had more hair, was talking & singing more, he is now in the throws of the terrible twos (oh my!), and she was afraid that the distance and time would keep him from remembering her.  Not so. Elliott knew her name and immediately addressed her by it. I assured her that we constantly share photos of family and talk about them so that he is well aware of who they are, even if not physically present.

Being that there is a great amount of distance, and often, time between trips, it is my goal to capture portraits of Elliott with family members while visiting.  I almost missed my opportunity this time around, but we were able to fit in a mini session right at the last second. I am so glad we did, just look at these two! Capturing moments like this makes my heart melt and I know that Elliott will appreciate these when he is older.

And while these photos were initially captured for Elliott as a visual reminder of his Nonnie, I was also gifted with beautiful portraits of my Mother. It’s been a long while since I’ve had her in front of my camera for anything more than a snapshot. It’s amazing how photogenic she is and I’m so excited to share these with my sisters!

Oh, and can I just say how in LOVE I am with this boy? I am over the moon about my little guy – he is perfection at its finest. I mean, this face is cuteness overload and his smile is ridiculous.

2012 Halloween | Our Little Gnome | Houston Texas Children’s Photographer

We had a blast last night! This was the first time we took Elliott around for trick-or-treating and let me tell you, he caught on rather quickly. Once he found out people were placing Skittles and Dum Dums in his basket, he was sold. But who could deny such a cute, little gnome?! Plus, I think he might have stole some hearts as after every visit he politely said “thank you”. I am one proud Mama and am gently patting myself on the back for that one.

We also witnessed his first sugar high and all I can say is WHOA! It was pretty darn cute and gave us quite a chuckle as he bounced like a maniac on our bed, ran back and forth down the hallway roaring like a “monster”, and laughing uncontrollably. To wear down some of that energy, we played a little game of ball tossing in our hallway and it worked like a charm.

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

Details on Elliott’s costume:

Hat: Handmade (felt from Hobby Lobby)
Shirt: Children’s Place (girl’s section)
Pants: Old Navy
Boots: Old Navy (girl’s section)
Belt: Daddy’s old one that we cut down to his size
Basket: Hobby Lobby
Beard/Eyebrows: Handmade (craft fur from Hobby Lobby)