Elliott’s Visit with Nonnie | Houston Texas Family Photographer

Two weeks ago my mother flew in to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with us. It had been four months since we’d seen her and so much had changed with Elliott: he had more hair, was talking & singing more, he is now in the throws of the terrible twos (oh my!), and she was afraid that the distance and time would keep him from remembering her.  Not so. Elliott knew her name and immediately addressed her by it. I assured her that we constantly share photos of family and talk about them so that he is well aware of who they are, even if not physically present.

Being that there is a great amount of distance, and often, time between trips, it is my goal to capture portraits of Elliott with family members while visiting.  I almost missed my opportunity this time around, but we were able to fit in a mini session right at the last second. I am so glad we did, just look at these two! Capturing moments like this makes my heart melt and I know that Elliott will appreciate these when he is older.

And while these photos were initially captured for Elliott as a visual reminder of his Nonnie, I was also gifted with beautiful portraits of my Mother. It’s been a long while since I’ve had her in front of my camera for anything more than a snapshot. It’s amazing how photogenic she is and I’m so excited to share these with my sisters!

Oh, and can I just say how in LOVE I am with this boy? I am over the moon about my little guy – he is perfection at its finest. I mean, this face is cuteness overload and his smile is ridiculous.