Tayton & Lyla | Indianapolis Indiana Children Photographer

Towards the end of my stay in Indy, I photographed these two cutie-pies. I wasn’t feeling well throughout the shoot, but pushed through determined to get beautiful shots for their mother. Tayton was so sweet and sincere and at one point during our shoot said, “you poor thing, are you going to be okay?” How sweet is he!?! His Mama has raised him well.

This is my second time photographing this family (minus their middle brother) and each time it has been a pleasure! Thank you, Amy, for letting me get to play & photograph your sweet kids again!

The Walz Family | Indianapolis Indiana Family Photographer

I absolutely love this family and for many reasons! The most important of those being that these two are old high school friends of my husband and I’d like to think they helped mould him into the great individual he is today. (Thank you!) Another reason, with their laid-back demeanor and gorgeous good looks, they made this shoot incredibly easy for me. I loved photographing your family, Drew & Lacey! Thank you so much for the opportunity. And Dylan, you ROCKED it kiddo!!

Little Boy Blue | Houston Texas Children Photographer

I remember the first year we lived in Houston, everyone spoke about bluebonnet season. Being that I am not a native Texan, I had no idea how big the tradition of taking portraits in fields of them is. It wasn’t until I had my very own child, that I would partake in this tradition and, let me just say, I get it – they’re beautiful & add a splash of color that is fun and magical. I’m absolutely in love with these, but who knows, could just be the cute little gentleman that steals my heart every time.