Emerson – 10 days new | Houston Newborn Photographer

When you were in high school, did you have one of those friends you were rarely seen without? You know, the one you caused a raucous with? The one that made you laugh almost to the point of hysteria? Well, I recently had the opportunity to visit with one of my dear friends who was all of those things! Let me tell you, my memories with Mandy are nothing short of fun and LOTS of laughter – it was good times, people!

Mandy contacted me because she was having her first baby, a sweet boy named Emerson. He arrived 9 days before my trip to Indy and I photographed him the very next day upon my arrival. He was delish! An absolutely precious little guy with the creamiest complexion. He also has the coolest swirl in his hairline, just like his Mama. Watching Mandy and her husband, Josh, tend to Emerson was such a neat experience because we have come a long way from those carefree days. Parenthood has given them great joy and I think it shows. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for your sweet family, Mandy & Josh!